Jourdanton - A Gigabit Certified City

7/14/2023 Topic - Certified Gigabit City

We're delighted to share that Jourdanton will be recognized as a Certified Gigabit City! This distinction, representing our enhanced digital infrastructure capable of handling gigabit bandwidths, positions Jourdanton as an attractive location for tech-driven businesses and remote workers. This recognition, a beacon for innovation, business attraction, and lifestyle enhancement, opens a new chapter in our economic future. We want you to join us at our next Coffee Klatch to learn more about the exciting implications of this status for our community. Here's to a brighter, faster, and more connected future for Jourdanton!


Jourdanton - A Gigabit Certified City
Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, Ronnie J Pitts 14 July, 2022
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